Meet Allie Hall

Owner, Allie Hall has been trained in three separate barre method companies throughout the country.


After graduating college back in 2012, I moved to Scottsdale Arizona to start my professional career as a head hunter for a staffing company. With bikini season being 365 days a year in one of America’s warmest cities, I decided to not only start my professional career but get into fitness too. I joined a gym, attended regularly but was not seeing the results I wanted. A friend of mine from work told me about a new barre studio she attended and asked me to join her. I did and that day changed my life. I registered with a free two week pass and went every. single. day. Just after one week, I saw results not only in my physical appearance but in my mind. I was positive, excited for the new day and always looking forward to my next class. Fast forward to a few months later, I joined the studio and was in the best shape of my life. I felt like I was a part of something great, there was constant encouragement and the instructors remembered my name. Throughout the 60-minute workout the instructor would congratulate me if I landed a position just perfectly and I felt important. I FELT GOOD!

After getting pregnant with my first son, I made my way to Fort Wayne to be back home with family. Since there were several expecting moms who attended barre class in Scottsdale, I was pumped to continue after my move to stay healthy. After many searches and asking friends and family there were NO barre studios! I was frustrated and was forced to give up my daily routine. Fast forward to now, I am more excited than ever to bring, what I experienced, to all of you! More woman like me who need the same. So i thought..why NOT open my own studio?

Now here I am, wanting to put my all my heart, mind, and time into helping others achieve goals I have once before met and will continue to meet.



Welcome to Barre Unlimited, where you are a friend but most importantly, BU family!

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