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Voluntary Waiver of Liability and Damages

By attending class here at Barre Unlimited; you are requesting Barre Unlimited to provide a fitness class at this facility. Given the seriousness of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Barre Unlimited has expressed their concern for my health and safety. I have personally viewed Barre Unlimited’s studio and their use of PPE and believe that Barre Unlimited has fulfilled their duty of care to me prior to and during the classes. I knowingly and voluntarily incur the risk of contacting COVID-19 while participating in classes from Barre Unlimited, which risks include serious illness and potentially death. Accordingly in order to induce Barre Unlimited to provide their services, I release and absolve Barre Unlimited from any responsibility or liability for any claim I might otherwise have; including but not limited to illness, death, health care expenses, or damages which flow directly or indirectly from my contracting COVID-19 while receiving fitness classes from Barre Unlimited, through the year 2020. Further, I waive my right to pursue any claim against Barre Unlimited for anyof the above in court in Indiana or elsewhere.


Thank you,


Allie Hall

Barre Unlimited’s Owner


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